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News: Laminine is Sky Rocketing in the Philippines!

 Laminine Philippines Contract Signing with Susan Barlin & Leon Katz


Lifepharm and Laminine growth has been so fast in the United States. Ms. Susan Joins and made a partership with Lifepharm Global Network USA with a tremendous plan for the Filipinos.


Because of the fast growth of Laminine in the US, Susan had seen the big opportunity this company has to offer. The LPGN's staff had seen the passion that Susan Barlin had for her country that she had to introduce the great product and start a Laminine company in the Philippines. The company were established in the Philippines named "Forever Rich Network Phil." The Product and the Business growth in the Philippines is now arising and Sky Rocketing by LPGN's unique product and business plan.


"Laminine touched the lives of many filipinos"


Laminine is now conquering the Philippines From Luzon to Mindanao.



 Why You Should Try Laminine?

why try Laminine






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