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News: Be Alive on GMA News TV 11 Featuring Laminine



Watch us at GMA NEWS TV 11(Philippines)every Sunday starting January 6, 2013 from 9AM - 9:30AM. Hosted by Ms. Maggie Dela Riva, Ana Rivera and Ms. Susan Barlin.
Our show is all about how to improve your life, bring HOPE and knowledge and trusting the fact that you have the power to change your own life. It is a health, recovery and lifestyle show hosted by celebrities & professionals in the medical and health field. It is supported by testimonials of hundreds of health-disadvantaged people.


Health, HOPE and Recovery --- it puts emphasis on the miracle of life. The creator created our product Himself through NATURE and in many ways that it can “really” change their physical and emotional condition/situation, NATURALLY! It is when the body achieves balance and homeostasis can it be called truly BEing ALIVE. L.I.F.E. after all is “Living Is For Everyone.”

Our commitment is to produce an exciting and relevant show that would showcase testimonials in a bio/ re-enactment format with panel discussions composed of doctors and our celebrity hosts Ms. Maggie dela Riva, Ana Rivera of “Fire”, and CEO of FRPI, Ms. Susan Barlin. Our dedicated and professional production team through Ask Media Concepts will ensure the quality of our programming.

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