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Is Laminine a Scam? Laminine Works?

Is Laminine a Scam?no-scam-laminine-is-not-a-scam

 I have recently tracked the the numbers of searches of people in Google searching for the keyword 'Laminine'. But one thing I also noticed is that many people also search for the keyword 'Laminine Scam'. If Laminine is a scam therefore we may also conclude the illegitimacy of it's Parent company, "LifePharm Global Network". That's why I make this article to support the the issue.


The Answer is No. Laminine Is not a Scam!

Laminine and LP Global is so Legitimate. The searches in Google and other Search Engines are understandable to the fact that people want to be so sure before they try something else. Maybe the reason why someone is trying to destroy the company and product's reputation is that they aren't knowlegeable and do not know the powerful and excellent effects on what Laminine can do to their health. Do you know that many people: Americans and other nationalities even known celebrities including Kevin Sorbo('Hercules' Actor) experienced the power of the product and had changed their lives and lifestyle?.

  • Kevin Sorbo's PBS American Health Journal Interview - Watch Here


Web Master's Point of View

I saw this site (sorry for not providing the link) claiming that Laminine is a scam but this is just one over the hundreds of dominating positive feedback in the web (That site clearly claims that laminine is a scam).

"All thing's aren't perfect, that's why we should all be looking to the positive and not the bad side."

In fact, that site also promotes good health by eating raw food which is actually true "It has a lot to do with cleansing the body and eating the right foods" I agree! but for me, it's just so unprofessional to take advantage on publishing a negative issue, creating a niche just to raise the traffic and SEO of his/her site. (Niche is a trending topic, Traffic is the people that visits the site and SEO is Seach Engine Optimization where web masters use this technique to rank their site to the top of every Search Engines like Google.) Owners may take advantage to raise traffic and raise the potential leads on the products and information that they promotes. Note: The site owner is a Web Master so he/she may know the different strategies in the internet. Therefore, whether the owners knew that they're destroying one's reputation, They are now enjoying the benefit of having so many people coming into their site which is not a clean idea.

"It's just not right to destroy ones reputation just to promote something else."

"The Company is so confident with their product" 

Some Factors That LP Global Network and Laminine is not a scam

  • LifePharm is an established 10 year old debt free international company. more...

  • Laminine is a product that was formulated and researched by the Doctors. more...

  • Laminine - Testimonials from real people that say it works. (see below)

  • Laminine is patented in 13 countries already.
  • FDA GRAS, Halal, FDA Phil. Approved
  • LifePharm is following Strict FDA and GMP guidelines.


Yes! I say "no worries" to the proven formula of LPGN's Laminine. 10 clinical studies from "doctors and scientists" have been conducted so far which showed laminine’s positive effects on Physical, Mental, Emotional Strength and Overall Health. LAMININE provides the most essential proteins and amino acids our body needs, along with the proper transport mechanisms to direct these nutritional building blocks to where our body needs it the most. more laminine facts...

Yes, I have proof from the people that says "Laminine Works".

Laminine Testimonials

Let me introduce the people that uploads their testimonies in Youtube from experiencing the positive effects of the Product:


"Why don't you try Laminine now and see for yourself?"


I am opening this Article for my fellow Laminine Users on commenting and suggesting positively to support the Issue. note: Comments will be evaluated first before publishing.



+5 #2 Contact laminine 2012-09-18 06:35
Laminine contains PESE.

What is PESE?
ProtoEmbryonic Stage Extract (PESE) and OPT9 are the like thing as YTE (Young Tissue Extract).
Differently the YTE/OPT9 (fert eggs extract) the former two constituents are Plant Protein (from the yellow pea plant ) and Marine Protein from Shark Cartilage.
-1 #1 Anthony Herrera 2012-09-13 06:25
does itcontain shark cartilage

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